Is MyAdmissionsEssay Scam Website? – Absolutely Not

From the very start, was envisioned, designed, and created as an effective research and writing assistance service for high school, college, university, and post-graduate students. And since day one, we do our best to live up to that reputation despite any My Admissions Essay scam rumors our competitors spread online.

Where Do My Admissions Essay Scam Allegations Originate From? scam allegations you may come across online mainly originate from two sources: our competitors and mass media. Regarding the former, you must understand that the writing assistance industry is a highly competitive global industry. Some players cannot win customers with the quality and reliability of their services, hence trying to stoop respectable companies to their low level. In such a manner, they try to persuade students that every company is “shady” and there’s no big difference with whom to place an order – a long-established market player or a newly created noname company. But the thing is, there is a huge difference! Remember about that when entrusting your academic assignment to a flashy newcomer instead of a time-honored organization with years of experience and hundreds of thousands of completed orders.

On the other hand, some time ago, the media started a crusade against dishonest academic practices, lumping trustworthy companies and obvious frauds under a general umbrella. We try to get our point across multiple media channels, but our resources are far too limited to reach the broad public. Under such a circumstance, we can only fight those MyAdmissionsEssay scam accusations with our aspiration to provide reliable, professional, and highly satisfying writing assistance services on a daily basis.

No Grounds for Scam Allegations

Indeed, there are some real students demonizing online writing companies in general and MyAdmissionsEssay in particular. However, what is a scam in the first place? It is a dishonest practice or trick scheme used to cheat someone out of money. At MyAdmissionsEssay, customers only pay for what they see, with no hidden fees applied. Moreover, if the initial paper draft doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, we provide free revisions until the client is satisfied. Finally, we have a money-back guarantee and straightforward refund policy set in the publicly available Terms and Conditions of using our service. So, is MyAdmissionsEssay scam in that context? Obviously and undoubtedly, no.

Add here the fact that all payment procedures are secured with the globally recognized Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and you’ll see that there are absolutely no grounds for accusing MyAdmissionsEssay of scam practices whatsoever.

It would be unfair to deny that some hiccups happen from time to time with some orders – if it all had been that smooth, we wouldn’t need the 24/7 support team. However, quickly and effectively resolving any issue is a golden standard for any customer-oriented company, which we consider MyAdmissionsEssay to be.